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Bringing beauty to San Francisco through projects, education and friendship

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Congratulations to 2021-2022 SFGC Board
President: Betty Packard Voris
Vce President: Tish Brown
Recording Secretary: Verano Boucher 

Who We Are

San Francisco Garden Club is a social and civically involved organization supporting the historical beauty of San Francisco through outreach to nonprofits in the Bay Area, educational and information programs and scholarships, and physical participation in gardening and civic projects that restore and preserve the beauty of San Francisco.

Congratulations to Steven Brown,  Environment, Horticulture and Floristry Department Chair at CCSF and J. Malcomb Hillman, long-time professor at CCSF, on being elected Honorary Lifetime SFGC members.

Our Mission

The mission of the San Francisco Garden Club is to beautify the City of San Francisco; to preserve San Francisco’s scenic and historic points of interest; to aid and benefit horticultural activities.

Noted Floral Designer Michael Daigian displays his talents during a luncheon demonstration. 

Flowers are a universal language. With that thought the SF Garden Club has gifted and beautified this city continuously.

 It has participated in the Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden, given educational scholarships and beautified streets and parks with many plantings. It has a long historical legacy dedicated to beautifying our city.

Janis Burke
Janis Burke

The SFGC, to me… I grew up in an and surrounded by gardens in Southern California. My grandparents had a garden that I could lose myself in. 

I would pick blackberries and pop them directly in my mouth when they were in season, a summer highlight. My mother entertained a lot and that meant that there were flowers in the house. I love the world of flowers- arranging them, smelling them, growing them, and looking at them. When I moved north twenty-five plus years ago i sought out all things floral and that included the SFGC.

Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris

In 1993, SFGC Membership Chair Lola Heer (president 1995-96) said, “Join the Club.” The orientation was at the Metropolitan Club. 

Curious about gardening on the West Coast, where there is never a New York winter, I attended. Lola asked which club activities we were all looking forward to. “Monthly luncheons, teas, flower demonstrations, the fabulous annual benefit.” No gardening?! The club was a social club! Ha. SFGC was greening the City of San Francisco; with money. The club founded many civic improvements, including the Conservatory of Flowers and SF Botanical Garden. Impressed, I jumped aboard. Join me.
Sandra Swanson
Sandra Swanson


Membership provides access to a group of like-minded civic leaders and individuals, a Flower Market badge, and invitations to a myriad of events and activities throughout the Bay Area. Most meeting luncheons are held at the Presidio Golf and Concordia Club in the Presidio of San Francisco with amazing views of nature at its finest.

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Bringing beauty to San Francisco through projects, education and friendship

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