Bouquets to Art

One of the most glorious floral occasions of the year is the Fine Arts Museum’s Bouquets to Art which cultivates inspiration from the floral pieces in the de Young’s collection and turns it into a showcase of living replicas created by the Bay Area’s most talented and renowned floral designers.

Since 1985, The San Francisco Garden Club Board has chosen one of its members to represent the club. She visits the museum, picks several art treasures that speak to her artistic soul. The BofA committee then chooses which of her selections will fit within their overall plan. Upon notification, artistry commences until its final thrilling living floral duplication is displayed within the museum.

Below you will find the list of SFGC members who have represented the club at Bouquets to Art. Their creativity is displayed in pictures, most of which are coupled with the art.

Because 2020’s BofA was cancelled due to the City’s Shelter-in-Place, a virtual display of past art was created in its place and made available online.

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